Thursday, 16 January 2014

Buried life list

#1 See Mumford and sons live

#2 Wall climbing 

#3 Cliff diving 

#4 See the bombers win a grey cup. 

#5 See Bastille live 

#6 Go to folk fest for the week

#7 Go to country fest 

#8 Become the minister of education for Manitoba 

#9 Become a teacher 

#10 Travel to every state 

#11 Go to Ireland 

#12 Go to the world championships for irish dance

#13 Have a pax wardrobe from ikea

#14 Buy a Gavin Doherty dress 

#15 Go to a party and not remember it the next day

#16 Win gold at handball nationals

#17 Swim with dolphins 

#18 Sleep in the Disney castle 
#19 Sleep on a trampoline 

#20 See the Disney Christmas parade live 

#21 Go on a Disney cruise 

#22 Study aboard hopefully in Ireland 

#23 Make Ty dye shirts

#24 Run in colour  me rad

#25 Own a pair of loubitans 

#26 Own a Michael Kors purse 

#27 Go to a masquerade 

#28 Own a teacup pig

#29 Have a honeymoon in Disney 

#30 Go to Hawaii

#31 Go to New York City 
#32 Go to tomorrow land 
#33 Back pack around Europe and stay in hostels

#34 Learn to play the ukalale 

#35 Be an organ donor 

#36 Donate bloods 

#37 Bungee jumping 

#38 Try every tea at David's tea

#39 Attend a luau 

#40 Be a folklarama ambassador 

#41 Visit every folklarama pavilion

#42 French quarter New Orleans

#43 Mardi gras New Orleans 

#44 Go see the Olympic Games 

#45 See every episode of are you bein served.

#46 Grow a garden 

#47 Make a quilt 

#48 Own a cottage 

#49 Learn to surf 

#50Learn to be a bartender 

#50 Drink a Guiness in Dublin

#51 See a concert in red rock amphitheater in Colorado 

#52 Learn to fence 

#53Go to every dinners drive ins an dives restaurant

#54 See Pompeii 

#55 Set off fireworks 

#56 get a double doodle

#57 go to Paris

#58 eat pizza in Italy

#60 see a show on Broadway 


  1. The string of lights you made was such a creative idea! That must've taken so much time to create! It was a very effective way to present your list. (And it looks really great in the room!)

  2. Your visual is SO cool. I love how you used the lights and not you're able to hang those up and have them as a reminder to do your bucket list!

  3. I love love love your visual with the lights and the pictures hanging off. There is so much detail with the gold paint and ribbons, you did a lot of work and it totally payed off. I hope you are able to cross those items off your bucket list soon!

  4. I love your project a lot! I thought it was super creative and it must of taken a really long time!! It's cool how you probably spent a lot of time on the lights and then you also made a video! Good job!!

  5. I really like the string of lights you had and how you have pictures for most of them. That must have been pretty time consuming, but it looks really good!

  6. I think you're visuals with the lights was very creative, something I wouldn't have thought of. I also think it's great that you feel confident in the fact of going to folklarama and winning gold at handball

  7. Your presentation was awesome! The light idea was such a good idea and clearly shows how determined you are to finish most things on your list.
    Good luck!

  8. I thought your string of lights was super creative. I like how you always choose creative ways of presenting your projects. I also liked your video and I thought your visuals were well done

  9. I love your string of lights with the pictures hanging!! So pretty! Hopefully you can keep it and hang it in your room so you can always be reminded of all the things you want to do. I too want to see Mumford and sons and own a cabin! Loved your video too. Good luck on winning gold!

  10. Great job! It's awesome that you want to go to folk fest for the whole week I love festivals like that. The way you chose to make your project I thought was super original and creative, once again great job !

  11. The lights part was probably the most creative thing I've ever seen, solid job on making the video in animoto but making it really good.

  12. Loved the song you used in your video! Also I wish I came up with the idea of having all your bucket list ideas and visuals on a string of lights! Super creative, and I want to do something similar to that with polaroid pictures of my life, up on my wall above my bed frame my room!

    1. Also number 25, own a pair of louboutins? YES.

  13. I really liked your idea caitlin! It was super cool how you used a string of lights for your bucket list instead of just using string.